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astrology i Shuku~a tough sign that is overflowing with vitality~
◆Four God’s class White Tiger ※West The fourth star of the Aries constellation

Those born under the star of I-Shuku, to speak frankly, have true strength and are ripe with ingenuity and they stand on their own two feet. Otherwise, they will play the role of a hopeless fool.
They may look clever but actually be foolish or on the contrary, they may look stupid but actually be extremely intelligent. To put it simply, whether they are smart or dumb, a madman or a genius, they are the type of person that is hard to read.

They are the loner type, who is full of vigorous fighting spirit, has a violent disposition, a short temper, and is very clear about what they like and dislike. On top of this, they are quick thinkers, precise, and are very adept at knowing when to take chances.
They are very curious and love to make others laugh by acting. They are more cheerful and have more ability to take action than others around them. However, they should be careful because they have a selfish side to them that makes them overbearing and has a tendency to provoke opposite from other people.

The can become angered over the slightest then and can explode in a fit of anger. Once they are made, they are rendered completely unmanageable. However, normally they are very cheerful and humorous. This humor may have a unique kind of cynicism or a sarcastic quality to it.

This is a star of straight-laced people but their desire for revenge is potent. There is a part of them that likes secret process and mysteriousness, which is also a characteristic of this mysterious star sign. An author born in this sign would have success in writing mystery novels.
They have little interest in things that are mainstream; they will most likely make a name for themselves off the beaten path, while they establish their own unique field of specialty; they themselves desire this as well.

I-Shuku is a star of generals for both men and women.
Even though it is a star of generals, they is the chance that persons born under it will follow good or follow evil; it is also the star of rebellion. There may also be people in this sign that are cruel tyrants.

They have trouble trusting others, their personality is one where they cannot reveal their true feelings, and they try their best to do everything on their own; this can easily become the reason for needless trouble and cause misunderstandings about them.
It is constantly important for them to be prepared to share their true feelings with others.

Even women, will put on an innocent face, but among them are bad women who will do anything in order to complete their goal. I-Shuku are very skilled at planning schemes for different situations, and in this old days this type of shuku often involved in internal squabbles among daimyo families in the Edo period.
This sign is one that can, without personally doing anything, call for the rain and cause storms; they will be are the type that is predestined for turmoil and troubles.

The path that they walk will likely not be dull, there will be misfortune and lots of hardships, and the majority of their life will include a series of up and downs.

However, they are self-reliance, hard working, and will use their characteristic endurance and patience to climb to a befitting position in society. They will also have good fortune in money. There are also many gourmet experts in this sign, and they have all the qualities to succeed in a business that is related to food and makes the best us of their hobby. However, they should refrain from drinking and eating too much.

In general, both men and women are indulgent.

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