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astrology kei Shuku~a star of high class, high pride and elegance~
◆Four God’s class White Tiger ※West The second star of Andromeda

Those born on Friday and Thursday are lucky.

Those born in Kei-Shuku, both male and female tend to be slightly thin and beautiful woman and men are numerous. Mysteriously enough, the children of many distinguished or old families and those above the middle class are often born into this sign. That alone is reason for the level of pride, haughtiness, virtuousness, righteousness and high ideal that people, which were born into this sign, hold within them.
They have a great intuition and imagination.

Also, they are kind to strangers and often help people. While they are described as being “prideful” they are not the type to look down on others or look standoffish, so they are probably well liked by those around them. They like to have fun but their conducts is right, they do not do dirty deeds and have a love of cleanliness.
They hope for the sound health of their mind and soul, and so the tendency to detest people who are superficial is strong within them.

Once their heart has been shaken, they have a brave aspect to them and, as if they have been possessed, they will pour their heart and soul in the endeavor.
They do not listen to the opinion of other’s, they are pure; when that level of purity is too high, they become wild with enthusiasm.

Their appearance is simple, and they are straightforward and clear-cut, they do not hesitate or delay. It may seem like they have no bad habits but on the inside they have a very obstinate stubbornness to them.
They are not well suited for jobs as a merchant because of their pride.
They want both performance and reliability, but they easily lose their head over romance, and they are the type to feel conflicted and trapped between the two ideas.

More than material objects, people in this star fine success when they seek honor, justice, and an ideal. People in this sign simultaneously like scholarship and being upright and clean handed.

Instead of working in a field that would require quick wits and resourcefulness to make a living, they will most likely succeed in a job that will give a chance to get ahead in a position with their class and honor.

For women in this sign, it is slightly miraculous that they feel vaguely dissatisfied with their life when they are single but once they experience and get to know men, it is like the door to good fortune opens for them. They will also attend to their husband well. Some women may have luck and gain social status by marrying a rich and powerful man. Even if that marriage does not workout, their luck comes back in mysterious ways to bless them.
Although, they are idealistic, fastidiousness and have too discerning an eye for men, which may cause them to lose out on the opportunity for marriage. Even if they fall in love, many have trouble putting that into words; one way to deal with this issue is to find someone who can be a Cupid for them.

They should be cautious of being too unwisely pride or they will run the risk of falling once and then not stopping until they are just a mere shadow of their former self.

The key to good fortune for Kei-Shuku is to get rid of unnecessary posturing and simply face things head on.

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