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astrology shi Shuku~The star of the well-mannered theorist~
◆Four God’s class White Tiger ※West The third star of the Taurus constellation

◆Those born on Saturday possess the qualities needed to become a multi-millionaire.

Shi-Shuku are logical, theoretical, and have an incredible thirst for knowledge and they are full of energy and vitality. They have a stubborn personality; if they fall down they won’t let it end there. They have the tenacity to get back up but their bad luck is also on the strong side, and they may only accomplish their goal in the very end of life.
There are types within this sign who are self-righteous, and the bad parts of their personality are stronger but, on the other hand, there are people who are virtuous, modest, polite and gentle as well. People in this sign have a keen mind and methodical personality, so the star is both strong in producing virtuous people and bad people.
Shi-Shuku use their intelligence and, through speech and lip service, build up their own wealth. They have good foresight and are clever and resourceful, and the flowing expressions they use are one way that they are considered charming. They excel at mesmerizing people with their art of conversation. On the inside, they are genuine and polite but they have a dual personality, with an inner self and an outer self. If they focus passionately on one, then they tend to become cold and apathetic in the other.
They are calculating, and have a stubborn side that will try to accomplish things with their own way of doing things.
A characteristic of those in this sign is their calculating nature, rather than an emotional one.

If we try to look at the different types of Shi-Shuku, they can be broken down into three main types: a fighter, a founder, and an autocrat.

All three types that are influenced by this star are talented, have a good sense of how to use money, are good at calculations, are gifted with a natural affinity for the fine arts, have a knack for conversation, and are also tough on top of all of that.
They talk often and are good at expressing themselves but they are not skilled when it is time to use physical power to apply pressure in a fight. In contrast with their outward appearance, they can be surprisingly cowardly.
Also, when they are carrying out activities, they are cautious. They carry out every activity warily and cautiously calculate every move. They are unlikely to act without restraint or let loose.

Shi-Shuku is also called the star of the mistress, women in this sign do not often show their true self to others. They may seem indifferent but when they get married they will take control in the house, rule the kitchen, and handle things efficiently. She will be a good and wise wife and mother, who will enjoy the fruits of her labor.

It is advantageous for Shi-Shuku to be proudly independent, and self-sufficient.
Careers that deal with calculations or arts that can be undertaken logically would be the best fit, and people in this sign are also a good fit for jobs related to justice administration.

However, people of this star have the tendency to view others as unintelligent and if they become too haughty, they will lose their human appeal and may be kept at a distance by others, so remembering to be humble is essential.
Women can inadvertently underestimate men and end up losing their chance at happiness. On the other hand, there are also cases where women can be too devoted to men and it may end in failure.

They are genuine and pure in nature, so they need to be cautious about their behavior when drinking.

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