The year of "Life" comes once every 28 years and it is situated at a large crossroad in people's lives.
This year signifies birth and it is the year of your own star.
Fate is easily produced and it is a year that should be spent being cautious in every aspect.
Things that occur or things that you cause will have a very large impact in the future.
Everything requires calm and prudent action.
Trouble may arise from errors of judgment or causing misunderstandings.
Cherish the relationships you have with your partner, family and friends. Rather than thinking about how to be prosperous in the future, it is important that you think about the here and now and work on continuing what you're doing.
This is a year that will be important for creating a foundation for yourself and having the desire to make yourself over and recompose your life.
If you have some things that you started last year but are still continuing, this is a good time to take a second look at them.
This is a very unstable period of time for you mentally, and you should try your best to live peacefully.


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