The year of "fetus" comes once every 28 years and it is situated at a large crossroad in people's lives.
It signifies conception, life after death and, just like the year of "life", it is a year that should be spent cautiously.
Just like a mother would raise a fetus inside of her, this is a year that is meant for you to work out a plan and make preparations for the future.
Create a time to reflect on the past, and a period to create a vision of a new future
While taking a hard look at your own determination and beliefs, you should add to your own knowledge and accept various opinions and then set a new goal for yourself.
By doing so, your environment will naturally change for the better and it will give birth to new ideas.
Which stage at you at with your goals: planning, design or preparation? This is a time to think about it once more.
The point of this year is that, like a fetus, the power to absorb things is necessary.
After accepting various circumstances, make the best use of them for yourself thereafter.
This is also a period where the number of encounters you have increase; you will receive a lot of advice from people around you. As a result, you need to be cautious about your speech and conduct. Try to take everything positively.
There is no need to be in a hurry, enrich your daily life, and use this as a time of preparation for opening up a path for yourself in the future.


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