The year of "stimulus" is a year where circumstances change dizzyingly, and a situation flip 180 degrees.
This year will have good luck in business, and you may enter into a different position or environment; it will likely be a stimulating year.
However, this is also a year that signifies hostility and hazard; it is a dangerous year that will bring with it both sunshine and shadow.
It is unsuited for traveling or leisure.
Additionally, it is better to bring social events like parties or weddings, where people gather, to a close early.
Interactions with new coworkers and people who are understanding will help you grow as a person on a grand scale.
Thinking in terms of the future instead of the past this year will give you an advantage.
Things at work are likely to change too and you may encounter a dangerous situation but being flexible and adapting to the circumstances will also lead to more self-confidence later on.
Fate has your mind focusing on the past but the environment around you will be focusing on the future, so there is a need to be careful of crossing paths but not meeting people, miscommunications, accidents and controlling your physical condition.
In a year of stimulus, you should get rid of any fixed notions that you had in regards to your work or personal relations, because the key to better fortune is in new technology and finding new methods.


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