This will be a year you have a sudden wave of good fortune, it will be a complete year with many chances for meeting people.
The year "Parent" represents deep affection and close friends.
It has the same meaning as the year of "friend", and is a year that is good for creating more relationships.
This year is ideal for meeting new people, for taking a friendship to the next level, or for when you want to be more intimate with that friend that is on your mind. For those instances, this year is the best.
At work your talents will bloom and things will progress at a good pace. Even if there is trouble, your wave of good fortune can push it aside.
This year you will be able to use skills that are beyond your true abilities, and this is a good time have a clear goal for the future and to get started on it. If you have a goal and determination then your luck will increase.
You will have plenty of willpower and stamina, and you will be able to spend meaningful time.
Important things to remember for the year of "parent": think about what you should be doing, carefully review what you have done up to now, broaden your outlook, and work on things with the future in mind.


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