The year of "Reset" is one that is marked by danger and disruption, it is not a year that is suitable for starting new pursuits.
This is a year that will require caution in all aspects of life, and it is also a year where problems in human relations can easily occur; the peace and tranquility in one's heart can fade.
It is not suitable for getting married, opening a business, or starting other endeavors.
However, this is a good year for calming down certain relationships with people or cutting out bad person who are in your life.
Take the initiative to get rid of things in your home that give you bad feelings.
This year is a period for you to get rid of all the bad that has been around up until now and reset yourself. It is important to bring in a new breeze.
It is a suitable period to complete things that need to be done and to start preparations for a new goal.
Also, a "reset" year is a time period in which a lot of personal growth is done, and so there is no reason or need to think pessimistically.
It is best to simply walk straight forward without turning your back on reality.
You can learn from those around you what you are lacking, and then proactively absorb it.
The disciplining yourself this year is will transfer over to next year where you will make great strides.
In terms of personal relations, do not forget the time when you were inexperienced, and take care to have a friendly approach.
It is important that you are attentive to others and your surroundings more than yourself.


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