The year of "prosperity" is literal, you will come out of the dark and your field of vision will become clear. It would be okay to start new things, such as a new job or hobby.
Additionally, this is an optimum year for giving presents and consulting with others. It is a favorable year that will easily produce results.
You should be proactive in your behavior and can walk forward with confidence.
It would also be good to try out things that you want to do and search for a new you.
Your ability to take action will directly correlate to prosperity in your private life as well as your professional life.
Additionally, this year will be a favorable year for you in many aspects; this also makes it easy to invoke jealousy and envy in those around you. When dealing with human relations, you should treat cooperation as very important and be careful of your words and actions.
During times of prosperity, it is easy the mind to become restless, so be wary of accidents and injuries.
The key to maximizing the full potential of your year of prosperity is your ability to take action.


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