The year of "Deed" is located at a large crossroads in people's lives and comes only once in 28 years.
"Deed" is referring to Karma. It signifies the star from a previous existence, and makes this a year where it is okay to be proactive in all aspects of life.
It is also an important year to carry out a plan that you have been sitting on for a while or a chance to get involved in a major job.
Your Karma will improve even further if you boldly challenge yourself to try new things.
Additionally, the year of "Deed", which represents Karma, is when your life's destiny, from here on out, will clearly become apparent.
Things that occur this year will have no relation to luck, but will be a straightforward display of reward and punishment for your past behavior.
If you have planted good seeds then good flowers will bloom but if you have planted bad seeds then bad flowers will bloom.
You will also be busy at work, if you put in effort then you will get back good results, but if you slack then afterwards the burden will weigh heavily on you.
This year will be the year that tests your self-responsibility and self-management skills the most.
However, by not averting your eyes from the present condition and aggressively tackling it, this year will be one in which you demonstrate a new strength and power.
If you also have a volunteer spirit, your fortune will improve even more.
The key to maximizing the year of "Deed", and improving your fortune, is going to be a challenging spirit and a volunteer spirit.


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