This will be a favorable year of your luck speeding along on an upward trend.
This year signifies friend and social life. This is a good year to build relationships.
The environment for building friendships is optimum and there will be chances to go to parties and weddings; it is also a good year for making new personal connections.
The key is to be active and to widen your circle of connections.
The year of "friend" is one that will give you a sense of fulfillment; your private life and professional life will both go smoothly.
Even if there is trouble, good fortune is smiling down upon you and you will not get stuck in a tough spot.
As the days go by, your popularity with those around you goes up and your proactive behavior will further increase your good fortune.
If you have something that you truly want to give a try, the year of "friend" is the best time to carry it out.
Additionally, challenging yourself in a different field is also good.
By having a positive outlook on things, you can also increase your good luck.


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