The year of "Stability," liberates you from nervousness and lets you have a calm year.
Both your mind and body are stable this year and you are enveloped in a tranquil and peaceful rhythm.
Even when you try change, you are stable, and so it is an optimal year for travel, moving or organizing things.
Conversely, if you are too relaxed then you may go from unsatisfied to apathetic.
You should take a load off, go out to play and enjoy life.
If you do so, your exchange with others will spread and it will produce new encounters.
Your fortune is also stable and you can think about anything in a calm matter. It is a wonderful period to start preparations for the goal you are aiming for.
It is also suitable for gaining knowledge and improving your skills.
If people in the year of stability are able to enrich their private and life's work, they will be able to spend an even more enriched daily life.


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