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astrology sei Shuku~A sign with great communication skills and intellect~
◆Four God’s class Vermilion Bird ※South The second star of the Gemini constellation

Those born on Saturday possess the qualities needed to become a multi-millionaire.

Those born in Sei-Shuku are people that value reason over emotions. They are not caught up in a sense of moral obligation or humanity, and deal with things in a cool and dry manner, so they are often seen as coldhearted by people around them.
They are the owner of a keen mind and it can be said that they are the type of person to think intellectually.
On top of being skilled communicators, they are very adept at making decisions logically and rationally. They are also good with calculations and are methodical.
They are cool, logical and are not the type to be swayed by emotions.
However, on the inside, they are a very delicate and sensitivel person.
Also, in contrast with their cooler exterior, the virtue of this star is that they have a volunteer spirit within them that allows them to devote themselves to others of their own volition.
They do have the tendency to like disputes, and they should be cautious because they can be glib talkers, which at times invites misunderstandings and antagonizes others.

For how logical they are, they can be short-tempered and carelessly rude. They do have wicked tongues but they do not mean to be as malicious as they sound.

Although this star’s natural sign is not included in one of the signs of leaders, this sign influences people with talent. The personality of people in this sign is methodical and their talent for business and work is extraordinary. Their chances of success in life are strong, like their desire for power, and they may be the type to long for fame.

Just as they are strict and cannot forgive others’ mistakes, they also have the strictness needed to regulate themselves. There are people who are fastidious and virtuous, and if their personal virtue is of a high level then they should be able to live a peaceful life.

Women are also methodical, and if they start a family then their shopping will be calculating, they will keep a clear budget, and will work hard. However, if they overdo it then this could cause friction within the family.
Their desire for success in life, and their own vanity, may cause some people to encourage and push their husband in their desire for his success.

They are not the kind of person to buy things on impulse, but it is easy for them to develop an affinity for expensive and rare items.

Also, for both men and women, this star has a hidden destiny of “separation”. There are many instances where people of this sign lose, either through death or life-long separation, someone close to them: a lover, a spouse, or their closest friend. It isn’t as a result of their unfaithfulness but rather it is something predestined.

Some women in this sign have too high standards in picking a partner, and there are some who never end up marrying. Both men and women in this star have a strong sense of self-importance.
Some Sei-Shuku people have a sixth sense and uncanny intuition. It would be good if they could use that talent to their advantage but they tend to have too strong an ability to anticipate things in the future and, conversely, can often switch jobs and occupations quite frequently.

They have a tendency to enjoy disputes but remembering to let some things go and pick their battles will be important.

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