▼An&Kai's Compatibility (mid-distance)

The compatibility of the relationship An&Kai is the one that required the most careful of attention.
The unconcerned action and words of the An partner causes an extreme amount of pressure to be placed on the Kai partner. If there is disruption with each other, there are times when this grows into a situation where they come to hate each other.

The pattern of a relationship between An&Kai couples is one that easily goes from hot to cold. While they may be helplessly attracted to the each other, they will not be able to escape their destiny of being toyed with by fate. The two will temporarily burn passionately but if that connection is severed once, there are more than just a few cases where they come to hate one another and separate. The deep connection between the two was brought about by destiny from their previous existence. Connections born in present times can be separated into two types: a star that destroys and a star that is destroyed.
The will be an increase in things that they do not see eye to eye about but they should never become pessimistic. Rather, they should be aware of the fact that their bond is one of a star of destruction because that self-awareness will be the first step that they can take in order to deal with their troubles. It is also important for them to consciously try to avoid quarrels and disputes.
However, there are cases in which teacher and pupil relationships go well. This is if the teacher is An.
Their compatibility is not bad in all aspects, it would be fine to think that, by developing a connection with an An&Kai relationship, there will be personal growth on a grand scale.

For connections that are mid-distance, as they come to understand each other deeply, in turn, they also start to harbor strong feelings of opposition.

● This is a connection that needs the most caution. If there are quarrels between people in this type of relationship, there is a chance that they will find themselves in a dire situation from which they cannot extricate themselves.
● Fundamentally, "An" will destroy and "Kai" will be destroyed. However, this is a hard relationship to predict for, because there is also a chance that this dynamic can be reversed in an instant.
● There is a deep connection with this star, and it would not be unusual for surrounding relationships to be mostly made up of people of this star.
● Connections in mid-distance are destined to break up later on, even if they do become temporarily close to one another; this is because if they get to close to one another then they conflict with each other. Even if they can respect one another, trouble will always occur if they become too close. However, iit is a truly delicate relationship but is not solely negative. If it is a relationship between a superior and subordinate, if the superior is An and the subordinate is Kai, then it is a connection that can exhibit power in its own right.

■Mid-distance men and women

Once they meet, there is a mysterious power that draws them to one another and they become enthralled with each other. This is a romantic relationship that will progress in a somewhat forced manner. However, this relationship that has a destructive nature will put the two through various trials. They will fight a lot and as a result of a trivial matter, they may even go through a definite breakup. If they do breakup, it will not go smoothly and it will most likely be a parting that causes love to turn to hatred. Having a calm and quiet romantic relationship appears to be considerably difficult for this coupling. Just as there was no reprieve from troubles before marriage, after marriage will be more of the same.


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