◆Classification based on the seven days

「People born on Sunday」
They are intelligent, wise, cheerful, and love to practice charity. They have a deep faith.

「People born on Monday」
They abound with ingenuity, are skilled at caring for others, have filial piety and a gentle disposition but there is a lot of shade (yin) in them.

「People born on Tuesday」
They have courage and judgment but there is something about them that is difficult to handle. They should value cooperativeness and use self-discipline to control their short-temper.

「People born on Wednesday」
A part of their mind is unstable. However, if they mature in turn they will grow up to have the qualities needed to create a fortune. They have skilled fingers and clever speech.

「People born on Thursday」
They love goodness and have wisdom. They have the qualities to have success in life and nurture others. However, they should be cautious of the fact that they can easily lose themselves.

「People born on Friday」
They advance good causes and are adored by others. However, they should be cautious because they can easily become depressed.

「People born on Saturday」
Their friends have a deep trust in them, but they have a strong temperament. Their self-centeredness is strong, so they should try to maintain a calm and affectionate heart.


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