Fortune 「Charging」

In a year of "charging", you are unfit to start new things and it is easy to become ill and you are not suited for going on business trips or travelling. This year should be lived prudently.
Overall, you are in a slump and your current state is gloomy, even your emotional state is sluggish.
In your work, you are unable to be enthused and you may have a tendency to do various projects in a half-baked manner.
If you do your work haphazardly, then your luck will progress towards misfortune.
Even if it is at a slow pace, you should do solid work.
Those around you may throw off your pace, and the gap in reality will cause the vision you had of your ideal self in the past to rise to the surface.
During this time, you tend to withdraw into your shell but if you do that the situation will become even worse.
Human relations also will not go well and, depending on the person, there are times when you provoke animosity in those around you.
This is also a time when unsettled personal matters in your past will emerge.
You can use this year as a step upwards but in order to do this you need to face yourself, settle past matters, and work on personal transformation.
Treating a year of "charging" as a period of time to use to replenish yourself is natural.
This time period could also be a time to study and to set a plan for rising to the next level in your career.
Furthermore, you are prone to abandoning yourself to despair, so it is necessary to be careful of love affairs.


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