▼Gou&Tai's Capatibility

They are in the same group. They are you reborn; it is a relationship that connects the previous life with the current one.
The relationship gradually becomes are more intimate one, conversations about things you in common, and similar interests are the majority; it is a very easy relationship.
You will most likely be able to build a relationship based upon mutual trust throughout your life together. This is a bond that connects the two worlds between your past self and the next.
However, the couple's tendency to feel at ease because it is a strong, spiritual connection, they will not put in the effort to mutually understand one another and that combined trivial instances can cause distance to form in the relationship. However, they are not the type to start hating one another, and even if they are apart, their relationship is one that is connected in some spiritual aspect.

● The compatibility for this pair is one that has overcome theory and it makes for an interesting dynamic. They are inheriting a bond that was from the previous world, and they are a star that is destined to meet by a strong fate.
● For people that are "Gou", their own interest and emotional attachment to the other person is strong; for people that are "Tai" the other person usually has a stronger emotional attachment to them. As a result, the person who is "Tai" will be saved by the person who is "Gou", and "Gou" will often help the person who is "Tai".
● It does not feel like you are meeting for the first time; there is a feeling of nostalgia. Once you start talking, you well closer together after you find out something that you have in common.
● Your interests and concerns in the outside world are common, but your internal character and behavioral patterns are often different; this the gap of this discrepancy is very big then there is a chance that the relationship will not develop.

■Gou and Tai's men and women

They are two that were destined to meet. Gou&Tai is a mysterious connection...
It is as if there is an invisible thread that is pulling them towards one another, they meet naturally, and are a connection that is bound together naturally.
In the previous world, there might have been some connection between the two, like their work places being the same. It seems that the moment their eyes meet, they can feel fate working.
In the future, if they have the same ideals and goals, they will be bound together with a tight bond.
Additionally, they will be able to walk down the path of life together, while regarding one another as partners that they can respect from the bottom of their hearts. If they do the same work, then they might be able to expect even more happiness.
As a partner in love, they have emotions for one another that are deeper and more complicated than just affection. They are a couple that is more spiritual in nature than about lust.
When they decided to get married there will be many obstacles that are thrown their way but they both share the same ideals and goals, so their chance of a divorce is low.
If they do break up, they are different from the "An" and "Kai" stars; they remember their feelings of respect for their partner, so they will not hate each other.


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