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What was the Bushido spirit, which was fundamental to the samurai?

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From the perspective of most people, the image of a samurai is a person with a sword who with agile movements quickly cuts down his foes. But the original samurai did not display the souls of killers.
So what kind of characters are being referred to by the word samurai? And the fundamental samurai spirit “Bushido spirit” was what kind of concept? I want to take a look at the world of the samurai (Bushido spirit).

Firstly, the Bushido spirit fundamental to the samurai was not meant to be about being a warrior.

The concept of Bushido means to have the strength to face your own inner self, not to overwhelm others by force. This is a unique Japanese art form, as well as a moral code demonstrating the state of the heart.
This spirit is made up of seven ideas

↓The meaning of these ideas↓

[samu001仁(jin)=Love and sympathy] stands for compassion, which should be also be given to enemies.
[samu002義(gi)=Truth and justice] stands for fair play, if you win a contest through underhand means, you shall receive no recognition.
[samu003礼(rei)=Courtesy]stands for thinking of other people, expressed in a way that the person can see.
[samu004智(chi)=Wisdom]means the knowledge to be able to see to the heart of things, to always study hard, and always look to improve technique.
[samu005信(shin)=Faith] stands for having the strength to believe and trust. In old Japan, there was no concept of a contract, a man’s word was his bond and that was enough.
[samu006忠(cyu)=Loyalty] stands for having voluntary loyalty to those you love, this wasn’t something that was forced. Being subject to an incompetent leader, is not the same as loyalty to the things you love. There can be no loyalty to those you do not respect or love.
[samu007誠(sei)=Promise] What you say shall come to pass. Whatever you say, you shall protect with your life, and if you don’t protect it, pay with your death. Incidentally[samu005信(shin)] exists due to [samu007誠(sei)].

In this way, Bushido was an idea which led people to live in a beautiful way. It wasn’t just for samurai either. It was a way of thinking that could be for everyone, including women and children.
In the Japan of the past, there were periods in which a western style class based society existed. However, it is said that the reaction against the categorization of people and discrimination based on their class is what gave birth to the samurai (Bushido spirit).

Of course, in the West, there is also a tradition of bowing, but that was something which took place among the nobles. On a fundamental level it was a performance.
In the West, there was a desire to display beauty to the outside world, in comparison, the Japanese Bushido and idea of beauty was to have a self-controlled mind and to maintain your inner beauty.

In Japanese culture, men, women, children, to be courteous to everyone, unrelated to social class, is the mindset, without singling out the gentlemen and ladies for special treatment.
For example to be courteous even to the homeless, and if someone is in trouble to show them compassion. That is Bushido.

I’m sure that there are people who wonder if it is really necessary to be courteous to the homeless.
The homeless too are a cog in the machinery of society. The reason why you are here, now, living is because of all the people around you. That is why you are the way you are and if you think of that, showing courtesy to every living person is a way of showing your gratitude at being alive.

In the West too, the custom of giving a prayer to God before eating continues, in part, to exist, but in Japan the prayer is not offered to God but to the plants and animals which give us life.
Not only are they living things as well, but the thinking is that humans and animals are on the same level.

Up to now, the Bushido spirit, without being codified in writing has passed over hundreds of years into the DNA of the Japanese people.
However, in recent years, Japan has been strongly influenced by the culture of many different countries, the number of Japanese people who can talk of the Bushido spirit that was fundamental to the samurai, has become vanishingly small.

The Bushido spirit, fundamental to the samurai, persuades people to live their life on the path of humanity.
It does not encourage pointless killing, you should not draw your sword unless it is absolutely necessary.
Just because someone is has a sword, it doesn’t make them a samurai.

The God of Japan rages, “What are they thinking of, the world (society) is a thing created by the plans of people”

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The Okinawan holy man Yoshimaru Higa’s wife (Rika Higa) took on the role of transmitting the words of God, producing all kinds of messages, day after day. The video that I am introducing, (October 6th ,2014※via Ogasawara Chichijima) contains a message aimed internally at Japan. You can see here some extremely harsh preaching, at times with a very strong tone.

The message from the video is as written below.(※The words have not been edited, the contents of the video have been transcribed directly.)


If you are a person of truth, this path is the one you should proceed directly down, you must grasp these things and proceed. That is the best path.
In this world, you cannot repeatedly find your own way to the correct path, in that way you will become bewildered, everyone will become lost by the side of the road.
Everyone has absolutely no idea, what they will find, what to think, what do they have to do.
Those people whichever path they attempt to proceed down, continuing as merely one part of the group, and then they are left to go wild, if that is good, the triangular relationship is completely linked and completed, that encourages the flow of time, and continues to be linked
Even if you do that, it won’t make a bit of difference.
A thing which will cause chaos in this world is coming.
Then, what will things be like, what will things be like for you, for everyone? Whichever path doesn’t make any difference, continue along the present path.
Therefore, being within the world as it is, nobody can change a thing, and nobody can do anything, let’s simply peacefully pass the time in this world.
Life is hard, everyday life is difficult, that is the result of the world which people have created.
Why do people blame this on God? Do you blame it on people?
In what way should we change the path we are traveling on, the society that will be left to future generations, in what way should we change it – I am saying to think about this.
Despite that, why keep going in the same way, you are in difficulty so blame it on someone else, blame it on God, blame it on society, you stay in the current flow, not doing anything, not thinking anything, have you chosen to proceed everyday by simply drifting through life?
I don’t know.
Exactly which path to people wish to proceed along, even that, in the middle of this blackness, in the middle of this flow pushing forwards, which path do they wish to proceed along, even that cannot be seen.
Many small lights, points are distributed all over, and you are one of them.
As you go to proceed towards a better future, one by one those points of light disappear, they go out.
It is not an exaggeration to say that they are the torches of people’s lives. As the number of paths increases, the shining light, and that which emits from the inside, the light of hope, the path which goes along with this light of hope becomes an important path along which to proceed.
But in this world, there is darkness everywhere, even now, becoming entangled in that darkness, and there are many people who think that that is fine.
In that world, what should I do to change it, there is nothing you can do to change it. Why is that?
Because in some place, you think that that it is good. Because you think that things cannot change.
But at the same time, in this society, in this world, in the past, there were countries which attempted to reform.
Why, ignoring this, without even getting a hint, looking only to now, looking to the future, do you proceed without learning from the past?
What is the past? The previous life, this life, what is it? The previous life – exactly what use is that to you? If we say what possible use it is, it is as a compass for how best to live. How do we reform that, I’m not saying to return to the past so much as I went back, so what exactly can you do? Now, those people who are living in this world, in what way should they change this life. I am telling the things learned from the past that will help with this.
What mistake are you making, and you, what kind of path do you want to go down, in order not to make the same mistake? What must you do? Referencing these things, and doing them, in which way must you live? Even though you are being told to take a step along that path, you still can’t understand?
In order to continue along the good path, to the good future, you must stick with the correct way, you must continue along that way and change the future for the better.
That is why there is a now, that is why you have a life, that is why you were born.
In this world, how can you change? I am aware of the fact that each person cannot easily change. That is exactly why, I push you, guide you, give signs, and from that, the path that you should follow is taught.
However, even that you don’t know, you can’t even see where the path is, you are in the blackness, in the middle of darkness, afraid to continue, or thinking that things are fine as they are, without even a desire to turn things in the right direction, as if change= a change towards being doubtful people, mysterious people, scary people, insecure people. Why is this direct connection always made? Why is change always assumed to be in a bad direction? There is a seed which has given birth to this.
Yes, why do people think in this way, if there is no movement trying to achieve change in a good direction, change, nothing at all, no aim, no target, just change something, anything.
Where should we change, where will we turn up, I don’t know. If you feel uneasy about that, falling into the depths of darkness is unavoidable.
Therefore, I’m saying that you should think carefully with your head. I’ also saying that you should think carefully about what form it should take.
I have no idea why that real head is attached to that, but it is properly attached so make proper use of it, it must lead the way to a better future.
That is your mission. 。
It is the mission of people, of humans. In this world, this star, this place called “earth”, for the sake of this place overflowing with life’s future and along with all other life, in order to lead the way to a better future, think of a plan, build up knowledge, group together, you must proceed, to fulfill that role too you were born as human children into this world.
Not knowing what it is that we should do properly, again thinking only of their own future, only their own thinking, only their own life, unable to think, just continuing in the same way as always, always falling into the traps along the way, it is understood. Everybody knows, they aren’t the kind of people who don’t understand that kind of thing. Why can’t everyone think clearly? Why can’t people clearly see what will happen in the future? Why can’t people, in that way, link the present reality to the future?
If they cannot link those things, in what way must we change in order to be able to link them? I’m saying that you must think carefully about this point too. Because you can do that, you are the children of people.
What and in what way do I need to change? You must work so you best understand the organization called society, in what way can it be changed, you yourselves, are the society made by humans.
Will you ask God to change it? You, without the work of humans not even society can be changed, no it is an organization made by humans, not made by God. Isn’t it something made by all of us?
Humans decide the rules amongst humans, and they are created in such a way as to draw people in to the flow that has been created by only one part of the people.
What would I say is the way to change that? People, each person, must clearly know the rules, the foundation, the base of society, and then while thinking clearly about how it is possible to change those rules, you must make things better.
I don’t think there is anyone who thinks that the current situation is a good one, which is exactly why I am saying that you must act properly.
The thing that must be changed is not just human society. However, human society is to a large extent enveloping this world, and it is the certain truth that the rules within it play a big role.
That is why I am saying that I want you to change that.
Now, I know that this is not something that can change in one generation only. But before we go off making a big change in some strange direction, isn’t it something we could do using just a little bit of everyone’s energy?
In order for people to move forwards together, in order for people to think clearly about people’s future too. If people don’t watch out for people, who will watch out for them?
In this society in which people must move forwards together with people, the good path, the better future, what is important unites all together as one.
And horizontal connections, connections to a country, while using those connections, working together and helping each other moving forwards. This is another big topic.
All Seas are linked to each other, every part of the atmosphere is linked together, it was humans who have divided this Earth up into divisions called countries, but things which are natural all of them are linked to each other, that fact is something which everyone understands. Despite this, in what way can we express this, in what way can we talk of this, in what way can we make things better. These things are things which everyone must think carefully about. We must continue on the good path, to the good future. I’m saying that this isn’t just each persons life only, but all kinds of other life are coming along for the ride.
This planet itself, is a large boat, a large place.
It is the place which has raised life. It is an important place and this is something which I have said over and over again. That is why you must take these words into your heart, accept them into your mind, and then think about making a place where we can live together and with all living things move forwards properly into the better future. This is what I am saying.
And somehow I want you to continue to properly express that, continue to leave things for others, continue to make things better.
Therefore, somehow, proceeding along the good path, to the good future, is good.
If you can’t do that, then what kind of thing will really happen, how things will become is something that everyone has to think about together.
At this rate, people’s lives will be difficult, everyone’s health will be damaged, everyone to some extent understands this. So why don’t they do anything to make things better?
You say it is each individual person’s life, so each individual’s strength that is why we can’t do it?
Is that really the case? Really?
Isn’t it just the case that you’ve been made to think in that way?
You, all people are linked to each other. Even if the words they use are different, even then, all humans are made of pretty much the same stuff. They are almost exactly the same shape too.
Why is that? Because they are people, and if you pass over national borders, yes, they think of their parents, they think of their children, they think of the land and they hope for the future and this does not change that much amongst the majority of people.
And if that is the case, everybody can join together and help each other, can’t they?
Why can’t they do that kind of thing? Isn’t it a simple, an easy thing?
If countries cannot do it together, people should grasp hold of each other and form a relationship as individual people, shouldn’t they?
Why can’t they, in that way, face up to those who don’t understand and reject them.
There really are people in the same situation with the same thinking and if you realize that you’ll be fine. Most people aren’t that different from you. At their base everyone has the same nature, so there are likely to be a lot of people with the same thinking. I want, somehow, for you to use this to make a better future. I want you to continue Proceeding along the good path to the better future. Manage to get on that good path, to the good future it won’t happen in one night, or in one generation.
People must continue to be properly linked to each other. In order to protect this planet, to allow this planet to flourish with us, as one life amongst many, many individuals and many lives must move forward together. Keep moving forward properly along the good path, to the good future.

Administrator’s comment※ God doesn’t exist to respond to each individual prayer, from people wishing to avoid of their just deserts
Perhaps the majority of people haven’t realized that.

It is common for people not to realize something until it has actually happened. But I think that this time, the event will be of such a scale, that after it has occurred it will be too late. It’s natural to think that 3.11 was a warning of that.
I think that up to now it has been incredibly rare for God to preach to us this clearly. How you take it depends on each person’s heart.