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Global warming, the destruction of the environment, war, the God of Japan is ringing the warning bell “Do they think that I will continue to protect the earth for the sake of today’s people?”

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August 11th, 2014, Taikoku Miroku Taisha’s holy woman, Rika Higa brings us a message concerning God’s anger, via a video ( inori no wa). The contents of this video are a warning to the people of the current age who have forgotten something important. If the world continues along its current path, it will pass the point of no return, and tells how we will be unable to save the natural world.

↓The contents of the video are as below↓(※The below words are quoted 100% from the video.)

How do you feel about the present-day world? What do you think the world of today is? You, no matter where you head to… this planet will continue to be… whichever choices you make… whichever results you leave… you think it will continue to be protected? Why can’t you understand?

Through my shrines every person has been protected. However, that was from ancient times. Shrines are not buildings. It has the meaning of stars, and earth.
However, those shrines were protected. However, that too has become impossible.
Why can’t they understand the concept of coexistence…?
Why can’t they understand the idea of living together…?
Why can’t people understand that they are here together with life?
Continuing together with life, or should I say the fact that they must continue with life, why can’t they understand this?

Whatever way, the thing that you must do first is to face up to the danger which this planet is in and decide what to do
People are fine… people who are alive now, will only be around for at most a few more years. Even if they live to the end of their allotted life-span it will be another few decades, they are only on this planet for a few months and years.
However, even if they are greedy, people are linked to life and through the generations this unbroken link has continued, has it not?

You, who are living now, even if you are fine, the next people, exactly what kind of environment will they be living in?
And the people after that, and the people after that…
Civilization and culture will develop so… if you don’t know and you raise your hand it will disappear?
The seeds that you have sewn… the various things that you have made… you haven’t finished the job properly.

In order to leave something for the next generation, you must prepare an environment which they can live in, isn’t that the role, the purpose of those living on this world?

The people living now, those living before, if they don’t properly complete those preparations, the people who come next won’t be able to do anything at all.
Dealing with the unfinished business left by those who came before, then dealing with your own business, how long will that take to finish?

So there is nothing left over to do for those who will come after, make an environment which is easy for them to live in, those who come after will again think of the lives which shall continue after them, make a better future, make a better environment these are the important things, are they not?
Even now, where exactly are people wandering off to? Are they thinking of the lives which must continue to live in this environment, the current reality of the world, the disasters that have begun to occur because of the continuation of that state?
Their own divided life can live in what kind of environment? Are you thinking clearly inside your head?

Everything is connected. Having the relationship that is called life… through that relationship called life everything is connected.
Each one uses all kinds of life as food for the continuance of their own life. For people in the future that won’t change. The next people and those after that, it won’t change.
If the people alive now don’t consider what the best thing to do is, who exactly will be able to think of those people yet to come?
Those who shall come after, looking after the left over business of those who came before, the things which you were supposed to do left over for those who follow you, is that why the environment can’t be looked after?

In the midst of a short life… people, have their own burdens to bear, their own things put to one side, things they must do… as people, as humans, as a life living on this earth, as a person of earth are there not many things that they must do?
What can be born from war?
Blood and more blood and struggle… I want you to stop leaving behind only hatred and sadness, on this land.

Breaking from this fate is something that can be done by those facing the difficulty, who are in this difficult environment, the people living now.
Those who can make a peaceful world which can break away from its fate, where people can live in peace and security, those who were born with that environment, that role, that mission are those who are breathing now.
Don’t forget, as a person keep in your heart… the role that you have as a person on this Earth… that existence… don’t forget that you must move forward with other lives.

Administrator’s comment※ Within many of the videos created by Mr and Mrs Higa, the fact that the world is gradually moving towards a third world war is expressed. If you look at the direction of the Abe government (Japanese government), you see the establishment of the Japanese NSC and the start of exporting weapons to be used for war. Further, they are proceeding with gaining recognition for the right to collective self defense. The problem here is starting to export weapons that will be used for war. They are continuing the movement to export the next generation fighter plane F-35 which is assembled in Japan, to Israel, a country involved in conflicts, in contravention of the three principles of arms exports.
Is the recognition of the right to collective defense really for the sake of defense… I think there are many people with their doubts.
Further, there are many countries that will be affected by the actions of Japan. It is true that there are many prophets and holy men who have said that the stance adopted by Japan, a developed country which has continued to call for peace, has a large effect on the state of the whole world.

Currently, the Japanese politicians who run the government have not been to war and even if a war did occur, they would not be going to the battlefield. It is the young men and women who fight.
The opinion of the public to a great extent goes along with the direction the country is moving in. Before the Second World War, within Japan, many people entered into “war mode”. Those aged over 85 who have experienced war, say that they sense a similar atmosphere in present situation in Japan is similar to that which existed before the war. I think we can generally understand what they are talking about.
We have to understand now that once we have gotten into a dangerous situation even if we take up against it, that it is hard to return a ship which has been turned to its original course.

Fools learn from experience, wise men learn from history.

Is it true that history always repeats itself… surely there are no people who ignoring the fact that the blood of fugu contains poison will put it in their bodies? 。

What did Japan, the world, learn from the Second World War?