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Onisaburo Deguchi, a Japanese seer with a hit-rate of 95%… Ron Bard makes the same predictions. Japan, time to change.

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One of the two main founders of the new religion, “Omoto”, Onisaburo Deguchi passed from this world on January 19th, 1948 (aged 76), having spent a lifetime correctly predicting all manner of world events. He is not considered to have been a religious zealot, but rather a prophet who made use of religion to transmit the words of God.
At the time、the accuracy of his predictions became famous; these predictions continue even to the present day. The Russo-Japanese war, the First World War, the Second World War: he correctly predicted these wars in their entirety, from start to finish. At the time he was famous in the media but after the end of the war he was somewhat forgotten
However, the predictions left over from the life of Onisaburo Deguchi refer to a long period, including the present day
It it thought that for the people of the time the predictions referred to events too far into the future, so they were completely unable to understand what was being said.

↓Here I will provide a few examples↓
“If you press a single button, you will be able to see the plays of flowery Edo” →Television
“Telephones will become smaller, you will be able to carry them in your arms”→Mobile Telephone
“A bullet train which floats above the air will run at a speed of 700 km/h”→Linear Chuo Shinkansen

※These things truly exist in our modern society.
Further, you can find a lot of points which agree with the predictions of Ron Bard, America’s number one psychic, who predicts great disasters in Japan.
Before his death, one follower pointed to the air attacks of the second world war (the nuclear bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and said “Fire is truly raining from the skies just as Omoto said it would”. Onisaburo Deguchi answered, “The rain of fire which we write of, will not be that light. It will truly be fire falling from heaven.”


“The writings of the founder that state, ‘The population of the world will be reduced by 70%’, will certainly come to pass. Japan will not have 30% left, not even 20%. God will say when there is not a single bad person left.”

When we talk of the “rain of fire”, we are not talking about something of that level (※of the Hiroshima atomic bomb). This is just the beginning, the real event is from now.

The great cleansing of the worlds, the great cleaning, shall be completed, and then the reign of peace shall heal the world. God’s country, which shall last for 10,000 eras, shall come to pass on this world. It shall be exactly as God said it would be. Not one mistake even down to the tiniest details. If there were a difference then God would not be in this world.

(1)The reconstruction of the world cannot be avoided. (This is a necessary process in the movement towards the world of Maitreya)

(2)However, as things are, the majority of people cannot continue to the world of Maitreya. Especially amongst the Japanese people there is a necessity to cleanse both body and soul.

(3)This message was transmitted via Nao Deguchi at an earlier time (※From around 1892), but the people just cannot bring themselves to believe.

(4)If things continue in this way, it is highly likely that an overwhelming majority of people will not be able to be saved (they will not proceed to the world of Maitreya). If that were the case, it would be incredibly sad so, in order to make them believe we teach them many things (※predictions, etc.)

※ According to the work left by Onisaburo Deguchi, Zoku Mizuno Shinka, Japan is suddenly invaded by a foreign army from the direction of Siberia. This foreign army comes from the “north”. They pass through Hokkaido and Sanriku, and, pushing forwards like an avalanche, occupy the islands of Japan. Further, it is clear that there is a nuclear attack on the capital, Tokyo. As a result of this massive upheaval, the population of Japan is reduced to 35 million. The atrocious killings continue for a period, those fated to remain, once again return to a primitive way of life. This continues and while the reform of the world has begun, according to the Shinka, meteors then fall down from the skies.


If the world continues in the current way, Japan will be taken by foreigners, the world will be transformed into a sea of mud, then the age of decadence will come to an end and we will arrive at the holy age. The conduct of Japan as the country of God will become an example to the rest of the world and foreign people will be made to follow. In this world of God which shall last for 10,000 eras, upon the land of the three realms there will be protection, God, Buddhist rituals, the people shall be made to feel safe. Until it reaches that point, the world has one more remaking to pass through, so as soon as is possible, reform your heart, go with God and be true in your actions, if you remain as you have up to now, with only consideration for yourself, a mindset which means you don’t take a second glance if someone else tumbles or falls, in that case, the judgment of God will be harsh, and there will be no way for you to make it through the final pass.(※ April 11th, 1902)

People of the world, you must mend your ways, as soon as possible. The reform of the people of Japan is the most important thing. Even if only the people of Japan reform themselves, this world will become a good place.(※November 18th, 1898)

The comeuppance (repayment for sins), is coming to the world in the future. For the peoples who have climbed up to a high place and conducted themselves proudly, from now, sadly, it will change. Once it gets to that stage, no matter now much you cling to God, he will not listen. (Omoto Shinyu 1902)

Wisdom and learning, having money, it won’t make a bit of difference. When it gets to this stage the only way is to rely on God – and when it gets to this point and you say “help me”, it will be too late.(Hifumi Prophecy. Final volume . Article.16)

In the blink of an eye, there will be a great disturbance, like the earth and the heavens being turned upside down, so beware. If you wait until it starts, there won’t be time, so prepare yourself. (Hifumi prophecy, final volume Article.28)

If you wait until you arrive at the pass (※until the events occur), no matter how much you claim “I will change” or beg “please forgive me”, there will be no forgiveness. (Hifumi prophecy. Ume volume. Article.6)

When we are in the pass, even if you swiftly turn on your heel and ask for help, at that time you will be too late. Even if you stand on your head and apologize it won’t make any difference, because everyone will do the same thing. You have to change yourself now. (Hifumi prophecy Hekigyoku Volume.)

When we are right in the middle of it, education, wisdom, money, none of these things will make a bit of difference. Now, the people who look down on God have risen, but when it reaches this point if you say “help me” to God, the time has passed so the God of that time will not forgive you. (Hifumi Prophecy. Umi Volume. Article 14)

※ In the “Hitsuki Prophecy” it says at great length that these events will befall the whole world, however it appears that at that time the “north” will be what lights the fuse.
In “Zoku Mizuno Shinka” Onisaburo Deguchi predicted the, “cruelty which will attack from the north”.
In the “Hitsuki Prophecy” too, apparently exactly the same thing is predicted.


Earthquakes, lightening, a rain of fire will fall as part of a great cleansing. If you are not resolute, you will not live.

The moon will turn red. The sun will turn black. The sky will turn the color of blood. The blood will flow. The people will crawl, and stand on their heads, and writhe for some time. This is the cleansing of great earthquakes and a rain of fire, so not only a person, but even a God could not escape. The earth and the heavens will be mixed together. Turned upside down.

When one third of the people are left, that which you have been told in advance shall actually start to come to pass. In total, one third. After the great cleansing, the one third who are left, the group who will form the basis for a new age.

The third will ask the God of heaven for help when things become difficult for them, struggling day and night to help just one more person. It will be patience on top of patience, endurance on top of endurance.

A state of anarchy and the destruction of infrastructure.

If you haven’t prepared even a little food, afterward, even if you regret it, you won’t be able to catch up. The struggle for four-legged food will begin.

The sheep and the monkey’s stomachs shall go empty and the horrible contest shall begin. Those who have up to now delighted in the wars which have caused suffering to the people of the world, have moved up in the world, built up some money will unfortunately, fall into the reverse position: suffering in the deepest depths of hell. (※December 22nd, 1918)

I have been informed by God since before I had hair, so take this prophecy to heart. There will be a time when you shed tears for a handful of rice a day. You will cry for clothes. However many things you buy, if God does not allow it you will not have a thing. (※June 30th, 1944)

There will be no politics and no economy. For a time there will be no food. Prepare yourself. (※ June 12th,1945)

I am telling you that there will be a time when you shall cry for a handful of rice. And not just rice. Everything, even the common people must disappear. And not just the people, this time, the Gods(※the Emperor) will disappear too.(※August 27th 1945)

When, day by day, things are getting harsher and harsher, that will be the start of the things I am talking about. When it reaches the stage where if things got any worse you would have no idea what to do, you will stagger about from here to there, this is the world without anything to depend on, no clothes to wear, no house to live in, no food to eat, and it is coming for you. (※December 12th, 1944)

※ The above statements (prophecies) are referring to events occurring after the end of the war.

Onisaburo Deguchi’s predictions, in the same way as Mr. Bard’s, refer to the destruction caused by a set of large earthquakes and war. A thing which is “not that light” in comparison to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs, cannot be comparable to the 3.11 disaster.
There are predictions of things such as meteorites from the sky and a foreign army from the “north”. In the same way Mr. Bard makes similar predictions of “North Korea pulling the trigger”, “a terrible disaster similar to Hiroshima and Nagasaki” and “Space weapons”.

Further, Mr. Bard has, in the same way as Onisaburo Deguchi, continued to emphasize the importance of Japanese people to the world. To take one extract from his books, “Japanese people exist in a high dimension, Japan can serve as a model for the world. In order for the world to shift in the right direction, Japan is vital.”
Onisaburo Deguchi has also given the same message: “Even if the Japanese people alone reform themselves, this world will become a good place.”

It is said that humanity’s oldest civilization was the civilization of Mesopotamia, but in recent years, a civilization which existed before that, the Sumer civilization, has been discovered, and even for scholars it is a civilization surrounded by puzzles. Rather strangely, a strong theory that the origins of the Sumer civilization lie in Japan has been proposed. The reason is that the language of Sumer has many similarities to Japanese, that on the ruins of the Sumerian civilization can be found the chrysanthemum crest which is the symbol of the Japanese Imperial family and many ruins have been discovered on the west side of Japan with links to the Sumer civilization.

The things we have been saying up to now have contained strong occult elements, but the importance of Japan can be sensed from a variety of different directions: the society, the cultured moral sense, the existence of Mt. Fuji, these are all perhaps good examples.

The predictions of Onisaburo Deguchi, while having a central role for Japan, tell a story about the whole world.