▼Sei&Ki's Compatibility (close distance)

They are completely different stars, and have distinctive characteristics that the other does not; this coupling will captivate one another. Fundamentally, it does not progress to a level where they experience familiarity. They both have clear roles in the relationship and respect one another; if this is an interdependent relationship, it could be an interesting partnership.
Their personality and likes, what makes them up, are completely different but they get along very well. They are called "a star of friendship" precisely because in the beginning they often surpass a male-female relationship and become friends who can talk about things that are worrying them.
It is comfortable but it will not be an easy process for them to become a couple and further advance to marriage.

● They are two different people that attract each other. It will be okay if they let their individuality show and do not try to change themselves to become more like the other person.
● Competitive relationship, teacher and student relationships, and business relationships will go well with this dynamic.
● In general, "Sei" is in an advantageous position, and "Ki" is in a position where their partner is in a superior position.
● People who decide to get married in this relationship will need to be cautious because neither will get involved in the other's business and the relationship can become indifferent; it will be easy to have another person on the outside.
● When their partner is someone in close or mid-distance, they may not feel a spark when they first meet but they will find something in their partner that they themselves lack. Once they notice, it will tug at their heartstrings. From there, they will develop an interest in that person and it will grow into love.

■Close and mid-distance men and women

Their true nature is of a star of friendship. They are a case of opposites attract and they are destined to walk down the same path. They get along for some reason or another and there is a comfort they have with each other that allows them to talk about anything.
Situations where friendship turns into love or sympathy turns in to love may also occur. They will occasionally fight but at the most, they will just irritate each other; they will very rarely have big fights.
They will be able to build a good relationship, where they mutually respect one another and will not meddle. They will be able to accept all aspects of their partner, good and bad. They can make sound judgments and are the type of couple that can be long-lasting.
Even though they are in love, there is an aspect of them that remains cool and composed.
However, they have a predisposition to be attracted to different things. If they value freedom too much, there is a possibility that they might be unfaithful or the relationship could fizzle out and die.


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