▼Yu&Sui's Compatibility (close distance)

These stars are decidedly the stars of lovers. They will fall in love, pay no mind to loss or gain, and will be able to care for one another and live a fun life. However, if they become too absorbed in the relationship they may lose the ability to see their partner's true intentions and there may be times where they notice their mistakes after the fact. On top of this, this coupling is one that will never be a "star for married couples." When they do decide to get married, they will face opposite from others around them or there may also be trouble after marriage and they will be visited by unhappiness quite a lot.
Fundamentally, they get along well and they are unlikely to end the relationship because of mutual dislike. This is a couple that can sometimes reconcile after a break up. Furthermore, if they marry someone else who has been married before, they will rarely fight and, by curious coincidence, the relationship will go smoothly.

Yu&Sui "Yu=a relationship where they receive friendship from their partner、Sui=a relationship where their destiny decays]"
This is a relationship where they can easily become friends because of their similarities, but it is also easy for difficult situations to occur. They are in a relationship that gives and takes.
This is a favorable relationship for friends or lovers. However, the relationship can become warped and twisted if there is money changing hands or if they are in a join enterprise.

● This compatibility will shrine the brightest when it is present in friendship or love relationships. There are many chances for an encounter. They can have a good time together, even when they meet for the first time, because there will be some aspect about the other person that they match: hobbies, values or just a feeling.
● It is just a star for lovers and is not one for married couples. Also, take precaution because it is a star blessed with friendship but it is not a star for business. If people are cautious about those things, then this coupling will help bring forth a precious and valuable profit in their lives.
● If both of the people in this couple have never been married then it might be difficult for them to be bound together, but if it is not the first time being married for one or both of the partners, it should go smoothly.
● When looking from the perspective of your honmyojo, the star of the year of birth, those who are "Yu" will be in a superior position and those who are "Sui" will be subordinate to their partner.
● It will be easy for a relationship to form with a close distance partner; they are also the best to go on dates with. Furthermore, they are a great partner, who will have similar hobbies and interests that are unrelated to work. When it comes to working together, both of their weak points will overlap and there is a possibility that they will fail together. If this is a professional partnership that includes group work together, they will end up destroying each other.

■Close distance men and women

These two people can become ideal lovers; they are of an eternal star of lovers. The placement of their stars is close together, so it is easier for a connection to form; once they start going out then their interests and values are similar, so they naturally get along with each other. They will be able to grow a loving relationship that others will be envious of. However, if asked if marriage is in their future, it could be said that going down that path would be a rugged journey.
Even though they are of a star of lovers that does not necessarily mean that it will always result in success. This coupling is also known by a different name "the star of disappointed love".
There is a hidden potential for this love to come to a sad, fruitless end in a fashion similar to TV dramas.
It is hard for this couple to develop a deep emotional connection that would actively cause them try to work together to over come things. The target of their interests and hobbies are often similar but on the other hand it becomes easy for their differences to become distinct. The key to success for this relationship lies in how far they will be able to understand each other's differences.


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