▼Ei&Sin's Compatibility (mid-distance)

Ei=a relationship in which you flourish、Sin=a relationship where your companion is familiar with you
A growing relationship, it means it is a relationship where they can flourish intimately together.
The distance becomes very important in this relationship, but the relationship of "Ei&Sin" is the only one where they will mutual thrive.
If they take action together, they will be a couple blessed with good fortune. If they are in a cooperative relationship at work and are faithful and sincere, they will flourish. This is the relationship that gives the most positive things to one another.

In the case of "Ei&Sin" who are mid-distance from one another, they have a relationship that is well balanced, has the least amount of problems and is very intimate.

● Of the six compatibilities, this is the best. They will be able to build a bright and warm relationship. Also, it is a wonderful relationship, blessed with happiness, overflowing in possibilities and hope in the future.
● The compatibility for this relationship, whether the same sex or opposite, tends to be lacking in spark during the first encounter; as such, it may be difficult to create a bond, but they will be a great partner; it is important to regularly cultivate a disconcerting eye.
● As they continue going out with them over time, they both call for one another's happiness, and this bond becomes something where their individual faults complement one other.
● In friendship and business relationships, if you unite with this person, it will become a relationship that others envy.
● Among all of the mid-distanced companions, this couple is the best that is listed on JapanAstrology, but this is also a rare relationship to get into, especially with the opposite sex; real examples of this relationship are scarce.

■Mid-distance men and women

This love can take you to a higher level. Treat those meetings as precious!
The relationship between these two will not start out burning passionately. From years and months of dating, they gradually begin to understand each other's charm and increase the level of their intimacy.
They not only remember their inexperience, but they also become more in love with their companion every day, and in that respect it could be said that they have the ideal relationship.
They are not only bless with feelings for each other, but physically as well, which will make this a relationship where they can completely devote themselves to each other.
It appears that they will also have a high level of satisfaction in their financial lives as well.


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