▼Ei&Sin's Compatibility (close distance)

Ei=a relationship in which you flourish、Sin=a relationship where your companion is familiar with you
A growing relationship, it means it is a relationship where they can flourish intimately together.
In the instance of the close relationship of "Ei&Sin", this relationship goes from not feeling any spark to gradually becoming something where they get along and can continue to deepen their relationship.
However, if their distance is too close, they can lack courtesy, and stick their head into someone's private matter.
The distance becomes very important in this relationship, but the relationship of "Ei&Sin" is the only one where they will mutual thrive.
If they take action together, they will be a couple blessed with good fortune. If they are in a cooperative relationship at work and are faithful and sincere, they will flourish. This is the relationship that gives the most positive things to one another.

● Of the six compatibilities, this is the best. They will be able to build a bright and warm relationship. Also, it is a wonderful relationship, blessed with happiness, overflowing in possibilities and hope in the future.
● The compatibility for this relationship, whether the same sex or opposite, tends to be lacking in spark during the first encounter; as such, it may be difficult to create a bond, but they will be a great partner; it is important to regularly cultivate a disconcerting eye.
As they continue going out with them over time, they both call for one another's happiness, and this bond becomes something where their individual faults complement one other.
● In friendship and business relationships, if you unite with this person, it will become a relationship that others envy.
● The companion is also called an "equal star" and is the best partner. However, because they are both similar, if they are both going in the same direction, they will face no enemies, but if their weak points simultaneously overlap as well and there is the possibility that they could wake up a dislike for each other, like that of someone disliking a nearby relative.

■Close distance men and women

Their bond is deep and their compatibility is outstanding. They problem might by that they are too close?!
As they continue dating each other, this is the type of relationship that will quietly deepen with love as they reaffirm each other's skills.
Neither one really approaches the other. They just notice one day that their relationship has blossomed, and taken on a natural shape; that their companion is by their side. They will build a relationship together that others will be jealous of.
Especially for marriage, there is no other relationship that is superior to it.
Once they start dating, the topic of marriage will naturally pop up and they will become a married couple who will be envied by those around them.
However, because of how close they are, this couple has a very profound bond but with little stimulus to the relationship, they need to keep it fresh. If they do not it is not out of the question that someone could given in to temptation and be unfaithful. To prevent this, it is essential that do the work needed to mutually enhance their feelings for one another.


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