▼Mei's Compatibility

You have a very strong connection with a shuku the same as yours, and it may be destiny.
You look at your partner and it is almost like you are looking back at yourself, you understand each other's weak points and strong points and this may also make it hard for your relationship with this person to be successful.
Also, because you are so similar, there is a chance that, depending upon the circumstances in which you meet, you might become very close in a short period of time but then feel pressured when you spend longer periods of time together. Your strong points are theirs; their weak points are yours. This is a good opportunity to take a good look at yourself and reform yourself. There may also be instances where you compete with each other.
However, in the cases of matches with (Shi-Shuku&Kaku-Shuku&Tei-Shuku&Kei-Shuku and Heki-Shuku&Tou-Shuku&Yoku-Shuku&Hitsu-Shuku, their personalities are all gentle so there will not be any big instances of discord between them.

● The chance of meeting is certainly lower than that of other potential partners but there is a predestined chance at a bond.
● For good or bad, your first impression will leave a strong impact, and you will both find something within each other that draws your together and hints at compatibility.
● Your strong points are the same and if you combined your talents, they will be come to fruit in results that are better than expected. Furthermore, it has a high probability of being successful.
● However, because you are of the same sign, your bad sides and weak points also clash. When you are entirely fed up with one another, it could lead to backlash and, sometimes, contempt for one another will grow, and as a result you will separate.

■Mei's Men and Women

This is a mysterious connection, known as "Mei" that happens when two people cannot be separated and are two hearts beating as one.
They are two people who seem like they are strongly bounded together by the red-string of fate; they are a couple that both have the same destiny.
When they first meet, they feel no pressure or nervousness around each other and they find a kindred spirit in one another.
They are of the same star, so they have similar personality traits and might feel strongly that it is destiny. It is easy for them to fall in love quickly.
However, after some time passes, they will start to see their own shortcomings through their partner.
It also depends on each of their star's personality, but if they get married they can quickly fall in a slump and, even if they dislike the situation, they may hesitate because they feel that it is a destiny that they will never be able to forget. When compared with others, they feel a strange and mysterious bond.
Communication is of upmost importance to this couple, if they decide to act too independently they will not only make their partner feel dissatisfied and unsure but also this will be the cause of trouble in the relationship. For this couple, it is important that they both have mutual understanding.


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